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Albany is a city nestled on the banks of the Hudson River about 150 miles north of New York City. It is the capital of New York and the seat of Albany County. The city has a population of roughly 98,000 and has shown steady growth since 2010. Troy, Schenectady, and Saratoga Springs are three neighboring communities that are often considered to have close ties with Albany and are combined to make up a region commonly known as the Capital District. This area, also known as the Albany-Schenectady-Troy Metropolitan Statistical Area, boasts a population of nearly 900,000 residents.

Recently, Albany has experienced a newly booming and revitalized downtown area. A resident of Albany would find no shortage of things to do. Downtown Albany has a lively night scene made up of bars, clubs, and restaurants that are sure to please even the most sophisticated of palates. Looking for live entertainment? Look no further than the Palace Theatre. Built in 1930, the Palace Theatre has been a hub of entertainment for Albanians for decades. Featuring everything from concerts to standup comedy, this historical theatre never fails to liven up the night of downtown Albany.

By day, Albany becomes a place of learning, shopping, and relaxation. Albany has more than 60 public parks and recreation areas and is home to the New York State Museum. However, if parks and museums aren’t your thing, there is always plenty of shopping to be done. Albany’s Colonie Center is chock full of retail and specialty shops. Located just a few miles northwest of the city center, the Colonie Center’s more than 120 shops are sure to keep even the most avid shopaholic satisfied for days. Education has long been a strong suit of Albany due to its largely successful public school system and its high-ranking institutes of higher education. The City School District of Albany operates and maintains 18 public schools and learning centers throughout the city and possesses a graduation rate of more than 80 percent. In terms of higher education, the Capital District is home to 24 colleges and universities and was ranked third in Forbes’ “The Best Places with the Best Education” in 2005. Albany is also home to a diverse religious community and has active Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish congregations. It is home to six Jewish synagogues and some of the region’s most historical Christian churches. One such church is First Church in Albany. Founded in 1642, it is the oldest church in upstate New York.

Albany is a city that plays host to some of the best traditions and values that New York has to offer. It’s population is growing, its downtown is booming, and its institutes of education are some of the best in the region. Whether looking for a new place to permanently call home or just passing through, Albany has something to fit every lifestyle and family.

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