88 Reasons You Need an Agent


    Thought you didn’t need an agent? Think again. You could hit several problems when trying to buy or sell a home in Albany, NY.

    Buying or selling a home is like taking an airline flight across the country. When you get on the flight, you hope for the best but have no idea how the trip will go. You could run into turbulence. You could be stuck in between Chatty Cathy and Mr. Smellsalot. You may lose your luggage or get snagged at security.

    Naturally, you hope and plan on having a smooth flight and getting to your destination on time. Do you have any control over this? No. So who does? Your pilot.

    Your pilot will put to use their experience and knowledge to give you the smoothest flight possible. They will navigate the storms, but can’t make any promises that you won’t run across a problem along the way. And would you trust a pilot who DID promise such a thing? Does he or she suddenly control the weather, too? An honest pilot will tell you that their job is to get you to your destination as quick as possible, with the least amount of aggravation. They also keep you informed throughout the way.

    Here is a list of The 88 Types of Turbulence we might run into. Although the list is tongue in cheek, and CERTAINLY not all encompassing, at one point or another, your transaction may run into one of these snags.

    Would you want to fly into a turbulent storm your first time piloting a plane? Or would you want a professional there by your side?

    We want to be the pilot of that plane. We can’t promise you’ll have a bumpy-free ride. But we CAN promise that our years of experience will take you on a smooth flight. If you hit any rough patches, we’ll be right there by your side to steer you to your final destination.


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