Adding color to your room

    accentYour husband likes things simple – his burger with just cheese, his birthday without fanfare and his living space painted in neutrals.

    You’re always up for a bit of excitement – throw some avocado on that burger, jet off on a birthday extravaganza and splashes of color all over the place.

    So how do you compromise?

    Follow the 60-30-10 rule.

    The rule is a very basic concept followed by interior designers. Use a dominant color (so, your husband’s neutrals) in 60% of the room, a secondary color (one everyone can agree on) for 30% and an accent color (go wild!) on 10%.

    chevron-wallsThe 60% usually means most of the walls in the room. The 30% accent color takes into consideration furniture and upholstery. Use that 10% however you’d like! Try out a chevron pattern on the space between the corner and a doorway. Buy a throw rug in a crazy (but coordinating) color. Or get those bright floral pillows you’ve been eyeing for the couch. The 10% is what makes the room interesting, instead of boring.

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