Equinox is Hosting Thanksgiving Day Community Dinner

    thanksgiving for homeless in albany

    Are you looking to help those less fortunate than you this Thanksgiving? Equinox is still looking for volunteers to help with their annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner.

    Each year, more than 3500 volunteers commit time and/or money and come together to fund this event. More than 500 meals are prepared at the First Presbyterian Church in Albany. The meal is funded entirely by donations from local businesses, groups and community members. Cash, food, trucks, tables and chairs, cell phones, serving dishes, linens, aprons, soap, towels, and advertising are matched by the valuable help of volunteers. All surplus donations are used to assist needy families throughout the year.

    So, how many potatoes does it take to make 500 meals? Here is the ingredient list (and you thought YOU had to do a lot of shopping!):

    • 11,100 pounds of turkey
    • 3,450 pounds of potatoes
    • 3,200 pounds of yams
    • 450 dozen dinner rolls
    • 400 gallons of gravy
    • 1,200 pies
    • 2,350 pounds of green beans
    • 450 pounds of onions
    • 2,330 pounds of carrots
    • 350 bunches of celery
    • 7,000 fruit cups

    If you’d like to get involved, call The Equinox Thanksgiving Dinner Hotline 518-434-0131

    All donations are tax deductible.


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