Fall Lawn Care

    fall lawn care

    Nobody wants to admit it, but we all know it. The days are getting shorter. The air is getting colder. Lush greens are being replaced with golds, oranges and browns. Whether we like it or not — fall is upon us.

    Many homeowners don’t realize that now is the ideal time to get your yard prepped for spring. Your grass is busy absorbing plenty of nutrients in preparation for the long winter ahead. Give it some love now and thank yourself come spring!

    • Mow mow mow!

    You should still be mowing your lawn throughout these autumn months. When the season is coming to a close, lower your blade to the lowest setting for your last lawn clipping. This will allow the sunlight to reach the crown of the grass. There will also be less of a leaf to turn brown.

    • Rake those leaves

    prepping your lawn for springGrab your kids (or the neighbors’ kids) and get those fallen leaves off your yard as soon as possible. Wet leaves stick together, suffocating the grass and breeding fungal diseases. Don’t let your yard turn into a soggy mess that you’ll regret in a few months.

    • Aerate the soil

    Aerating your lawn allows oxygen, fertilizer and water to reach the grass’ roots. And if you’re a Raving Fan — it’s your lucky day. We have a lawn aerator available for you to borrow. This machine quickly punches holes into the ground and extracts plugs of dirt. Just go to our reservation form and let us know when you need it!

    • Fill in those naked areas … of your lawn

    Autumn is the perfect time to try to repair those bald patches throughout your yard. Buy a yard repair mixture, which is sold at all home improvement stores and garden shops. This special mixture contains grass seed, fertilizer and mulch. Rake loose the bald soil on your yard then spread a thick layer of the lawn mixture on top. Lightly compact the area and then water every other day for a couple of weeks. It should be lush come spring.

    • Fight back those weeds

    Now is the time to take your lawn back from all of those dandelions. Because they are in energy absorbing mode, they’ll happily drink up anything that comes their way. So quench their thirst with some weed killer.

    Do you have any other questions about fall lawn care? We’d be happy to answer them!


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