February Home Maintenance


    Spring isn’t coming to the Capital Region any time soon. It seems like it has been winter forever. There’s no lawn to mow. No driveway to pave. No garden to weed. So what can you get done around your house in February?

    Use this time to check your home for leaks — water and heat. Check all windows and any other place where condensation can get in. Make sure to check ceilings for leaks or spots.

    Remove drain traps from under the sink and clean. Inspect the area and make sure there are no leaks and that everything is sealed correctly.

    caulk a tubInspect the caulk around your tubs and sinks. Take this time to clean stained or mildewed caulk. If the caulk remains mildewed, you’ll need to take it out and replace it. Fill in missing grout. While you’re in the bathroom, take a look at the shower curtains. When was the last time your curtain was washed and your liner replaced? Mildew and mold LOVE a damp bathroom.

    Do your closets smell musty? If so, remove the closet’s contents and wipe down the walls with a diluted bleach solution. If the musty smell remains, it may be caused by moisture, so be sure to find its source.

    clean out the atticClean out the attic, garage and basement. Get a jump on your spring cleaning. Get rid of any old household cleaners or chemicals. Gallons of old paint? Get rid of them. (Open cans to let paint dry completely before disposing.) No need for those old, rusty tools laying around. Call your local waste-disposal company to find out where and how to dispose of hazardous waste.

    Has Mother Nature granted us a balmy 35* day? Take some time to walk around the exterior of your home. Check for any winter storm damage — fallen branches, damaged siding, etc.

    Is there any household maintenance that you routinely perform during this time of the year?


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