Get Your Home Ready For a Showing

    buy my houseYou’ve done your homework. You’ve hired a top Realtor in your county — us, of course! đŸ˜‰

    You listened to us and priced your home at or below market value. You have realistic expectations and trust your agents.

    You’re diligent about making sure your kids put their toys away and keep their backpacks out of site. The kitchen counter is no longer cluttered, the bathroom always clean.

    But you want to do more. You want to give potential buyers the red carpet treatment. So what else can you do to get ready for a showing or an open house?

    Sneakers track in plenty of dust and dander. Put doormats by all entrances and make sure visitors take off shoes before entering. Make vacuuming a bi-weekly chore.

    Spills happen. Don’t let your carpets become stained. Keep a white vinegar and water solution on hand, which you can grab and apply fast in case of accidents. Blot the spill — do not rub.

    Take down family photos. Buyers don’t want to see how your family lives in that house. They want to envision how their family will turn it into a home. So put those black & white’s of Grandma away and let them envision their latest family portrait up on that mantle.

    cleaning the houseDo you have a gorgeous dining room? Bust out your best china and set that table like you’re getting ready for Thanksgiving. Show the buyers what they can look forward to.

    This may seem obvious, but give that lawn a fresh mow. Make sure weeds are pulled, bushes are trimmed.

    Organize all cabinets and drawers. You’ve been meaning to toss some of that missed-matched Tupperware. Now is the time.

    This is an important one — when it’s time for the showing: leave. You won’t believe how many homeowners want to stick around. If you were looking at a home to buy, wouldn’t that make you uncomfortable? Buyers won’t really be able to grasp just how much closet space you have or how deep the kitchen pantry goes because they’ll feel too awkward to open those doors with you standing right there. You may also want to take Fido the dog and Fifi the cat with you.

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