Getting your guest bedroom ready

    The nice weather warrants road trips. Do you have relatives coming to your house? You don’t have to be The Ritz in order for your guests to enjoy their stay. These tricks will turn your guest room into a cozy home-away-from-home in no time.

    • Vacuum the bedroom they will be sleeping in. Sweep and wipe down hardwoods. If you have pets, do this an hour or two before guests are set to arrive. Wipe down the headboard with a lint roller or antibacterial wipe.
    • Wash the sheets and make sure to have a neat, made bed ready.
    • Get a simple wooden tray for the bed. Stack it with a couple current magazines, picked specifically for the guest. Have a husband and wife staying over? Think Sports Illustrated, Better Homes and Gardens and/or Time Magazine.
    • Fresh flowers or a simple potted plant bring life into the room.GuestBathroomBasket
    • Set out nice, clean towels — bonus points if you put them in a nice basket. Be sure to include a bath towel, hand towel and washcloth per person. Adding traveled sized toothpaste, soap and other amenities is a nice touch.
    • Put a couple bottles of water and snacks on the nightstand (that you’ve cleaned off!). Cereal bars, fruit and pretzels are sure to please all.
    • Put a candle or two on the nightstand and be sure to leave a book of matches. Lavender is known to be a calming scent.
    • Clean out the top two drawers of the room’s dresser, so that your guest feels comfortable unpacking.

    What do you do to prep your home for guests?

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