Homemade cleaners – no toxins!

    homemade cleaner recipesCleaning your home with products right out of your pantry is not only cheaper, but it’s safer for you and your family. Often times, it’s even more efficient.

    When making your own cleaners, be aware that white vinegar and castile soap will be your best friends, so you’ll want to stock up. Keep a couple of your older, empty cleaner spray bottles or hit up the dollar store for some new containers.

    Homemade bathroom cleaner
    You will be making this in a mason jar or other similar container and transferring to a spray bottle. Add citrus rinds, a few sticks of cinnamon and a few whole cloves to your jar. Fill the jar ¾ full with white vinegar, and top it off with water. Cover your jar and place it in a sunny area for a few weeks. When you’re ready, pour the liquid through a strainer and into your spray bottle. The vinegar smell will be gone, but its cleaning power will still be there!

    A disinfectant spray
    Disinfectant sprays are great for all of those surfaces your family touches several times a day – the kitchen counter, faucets, door handles, etc. For this one, find a spray bottle and add:

    16 oz water
    3 tbsp: liquid castile soap
    30 drops lavender oil, tea tree oil or lemon juice

    Mix together in your spray bottle and get to cleaning!

    Homemade Oxyclean
    Anyone with kids will tell you how quickly you go through laundry detergent and stain remover. You can make a homemade version of Oxyclean, without the toxins, in minutes. To store, grab and wash an old pasta sauce or mason jar. Be sure to remove the labels and mark as Oxyclean.

    1c. water
    ½ c. hydrogen peroxide
    ½ c. baking soda.

    Mix together in your jar and seal. When you’re ready to use, it’s helpful to keep a dish pan or boot mat in the laundry room. Put your clothes in the pan, to keep from making a mess. Soak the stain for 20 minutes – overnight and then wash as usual.

    By making homemade, you are controlling the ingredients and eliminating the toxins found in most manufactured cleaning products.

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