How much do you love your house?

    This post was written by Heather S., social media manager for the Eberle Real Estate Experts

    upballoonsI love our home. My now-husband and I purchased it mid-engagement, three years ago. Boy, did it need work. The walls were pink. The carpets? More pink. The hardwoods needed buffing. The radiators needed vacuuming. The white paint on the aluminum siding was wearing, leaving random spots shining silver.

    We painted. We buffed. We vacuumed.

    And once we got the house exactly how we wanted it, we went ahead and had a baby – and had to paint and rearrange all over again.

    It’s the home we lived in when we became husband and wife. It’s the home where we are raising our first child.

    inspiration for UpBut if someone offered to buy our 70-year-old, 1,300 square foot house for $1 million – I’d sell in an instant. After all, it’s not the walls that make the home, but the family inside it – right?

    Not for Edith Macefield. In 2006, the stubborn old woman living in Seattle refused to sell her home when her neighborhood went from residential to commercial. She was offered a $1 million purchase price, in order to tear it down and make room for a shopping complex.

    She turned them down.

    Developers were forced to construct the five-story building, which includes a Trader Joe’s and LA Fitness, around her 108-year-old farmhouse.

    Edith lived in her home until she passed in 2008. The current owner runs a real estate coaching firm out of the home.

    Does this story sound familiar? It’s because Edith and her house were the inspiration for the 2009 Disney Pixar movie, Up.

    Would you sell your home for a large chunk of money? Why or why not?


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