How to child-proof your kitchen

    For most homeowners, the kitchen is the life of your home. It’s where your family comes together to eat, hang-out, do home-work. What many people don’t realize is that the kitchen is the most dangerous room in the home for a baby or toddler.

    magnetic key latch alternativeFrom sharp tools to chemicals under the sink, the kitchen can be deadly.

    The good news is that an accident is very easy to prevent. Here are some tips on child-proofing your kitchen.

    Block off access with safety gates. How easy is that? Prevent little ones from getting into mischief by keeping them out of the kitchen all together. Dutch doors are a great alternative to a gate and don’t take away from the ambiance of your home. Although these cost more than a safety gate, they are also more reliable and permanent. These are also great to keep pets out of an area that is also dangerous to them.

    Latch those cabinets and drawers. Latch everything! Some people forget that dishwashers, trash cans and refrigerators are also dangerous to baby. And nowadays, there’s no need to use those cheap, plastic latches. Today, plenty of companies created latches designed to match the look of your kitchen or appliance. For instance, Dreambaby has a silver refrigerator latch, which you can find here. Safety First makes a Tot Lok magnetic key, which makes opening even easier on the adults. And don’t forget to move alcohol or wine racks to an area where baby can’t reach.

    If you have the room, consider hiding the trash can all together by building a pull out cabinet. Bonus – keeps trash out of sight, making for a cleanlier kitchen. Consider repurposing a drawer in order to hide the cords from your day-to-day kitchen appliances. You can find out more at this link.

    Little hands can reach high. Make sure there is nothing sharp near the edges of your counters. magnetic knife stripConsider ditching your knives block for a trendy magnetic strip that you can hang on the wall.

    Ditch the table cloths. It’s all too easy to yank that right off a table, along with everything on it.

    Make sure all guests and family members know the designated fire extinguisher area. And be sure to keep a list of emergency numbers in plain sight on the side of the refrigerator.

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