Lawn care after winter

    Winters in Upstate NY are bad enough, but the polar vortex was particularly harsh this year. The sub-zero temperatures did a number on most of our lawns. Ice freezes plant cells and crushes grass blades, killing your yard. Salt from the roads also hurts your greenery.

    So is your lawn officially dead or just hibernating for winter?

    lawn careThe easiest way to see if your lawn is dead is to pull on the brown areas. If the turf comes up easily, that means the grass is dead. Hopefully, you’ll get a little bit of resistance, which means you still have a chance at resurrection!

    When night temperatures consistently top 35*F and the chance of frost is gone, it’s time to reseed your lawn. Cut around any dead areas (that you’ve already predetermined) with a spade and yank them out.

    Scatter grass seed and lightly rake it around. Although the grass seed doesn’t need much attention, you need to make sure to keep the soil moist. So, if there’s no rain, lightly mist the area daily. If the soil dries out, the seeds will not germinate.

    Once your grass starts growing, feed it a high-phosphorous fertilizer. And be sure not to pull your lawn mower out of that shed until the grass is at least 3 inches long.

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