Tips for moving with kids

    best school districts albany, nyMoving is a hectic for everyone. Mix some young children into things? Total chaos. Forget packing up all of the toys and clothes. You also have to factor in school enrollment and switching into after school activities close to home – dance, sports, Boy or Girl Scouts. Not to mention that most of these activities have seasonal deadlines.

    Hopefully, we can help calm some of that chaos with a few tips for moving with young children.

    Contact the new school at least a month before your move date – Make sure all paperwork for your child, such as immunization forms, have been completed and provided to the school.  You should also arrange a school tour, which would give both you and your child(ren) a chance to meet their new teacher and, most importantly, check out the new playground.

    Change your address before you move
     – You know that you have to change your address with the post office. But what you may not realize is that you should do it approximately a week before you move so that no important paperwork gets lost in the mail. It usually takes a few days for things to cross over.

    Book your move early – Hiring a moving company will make your move quicker and more efficient. Booking a moving truck a few weeks out will ensure that you’ll receive the size that you need. And don’t wait until the last minute if you’re packing up those boxes on your own.

    Buy the local newspaper – This is an easy way to get accustomed to your new town. You’ll be able to scan the calendar and pick out some fun activities that will get your kids excited for the move. This is also an easy way for them to meet new children.

    Pack up your child’s favorite belongings in one box. Let them help. ­– What you deem “important” will most likely not be the same things that your children deem important. So let them help you pack a special box. Decorate it and have them label it. Keep this box with you for your child to open as soon as you move in. This will help to create a familiar place for your child in the new home. You could even sneak a small gift in there, as a surprise when you get into your new house.

    Let your kids plan a “Last Day in Town” –  Hit up all of their favorites – restaurant, park, ice cream shop. Then, go over the new newspaper you purchased and plan a “First Day in Town”

    Unpack your child’s room first 
    – Moving is exhausting for everyone. Unpack your child’s room first. This will give them a sense of normalcy and will keep them busy while you finish setting up the rest of the house.

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