Noises Your House Is Making – A Running Toilet

    We’ve had a few clients come to us asking if we can help them figure out why their house is making a noise. We are always happy to refer you to one of our preferred vendors, but we’re putting together a series of posts that will help give you an idea of what the noise could be.

    I hear the toilet running, although nobody has recently flushed it.

    A running toilet can drive you nuts. Luckily, it’s an easily fixed problem.

    One cause of a running toilet may be that the flapper doesn’t seal.

    fix a running toiletTo replace a flapper, go to your local home improvement store to purchase a new one. Shut off the water supply valve, which is under the toilet. Flush to drain out most of the water. Unhook the old flapper. Simply install the new flapper (of the same type) according to the directions on the package. Usually, this just takes minutes. Hook the flapper’s chain to the hook on the flush’s arm, leaving a little slack when the flapper is closed.

    My flapper doesn’t leak and my water is still running.

    Inspect the fill-tube connected to the overflow pipe. The end should be above the water line.  If the end is under the water, cut it back. Inspect the fill valve for signs of wear. Test the float. If the float is improperly adjusted, the tank water level can rise above the overflow pipe and drain into it, leading to the noise. Replace the old fill valve if it doesn’t completely shut off.

    remove old fill valveInstall a new “floatcup”-style fill valve. Adjust the float according to the package instructions, establishing  the proper water level.  Finish the installation by attaching the flapper chain to the flush lever. If the end is under water, cut it back. Next, inspect the fill valve for visible signs of wear and test the float. Follow instructions above. Turn the water back on and do a test flush.

    If these tips don’t work, or if you’re worried about trying anything yourself, please feel free to contact us. We’ll put you in touch with a reputable Capital Region plumber.


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