Noises Your House Is Making – Scratching

    We’ve had a few clients come to us asking if we can help them figure out why their house is making a noise. We are always happy to refer you to one of our preferred vendors, but we’re putting together a series of posts that will help give you an idea of what the noise could be.

    Why does it sound like there is scratching on my walls and ceiling?

    how to get rid of squirrelsIf you start to hear scratching or squeaking noises in your walls or ceilings, it’s most likely do to an infestation of some sort of animal — mice, raccoons, squirrels. The most likely location that you’ll find these critters is in the attic — a space that isn’t commonly frequented by those (humans) living in the home.

    These animals aren’t just a nuisance — they often can carry diseases.

    As soon as you suspect that you’ve got some freeloaders on your hands, set a trap. There are several humane traps available at your local home improvement store. You could also consider calling in a professional.

    After the animals are gone, you have another task on your hands — sealing up their entrance to prevent them from coming back. Caulk windows and doors. Seal up any entrances with steel wool, hardware cloth or metal sheeting. When it comes to this part, the more the merrier. You need to be sure that nothing can get back in. Make sure that vents and chimneys are covered with a grill, which will prevent pests from coming in but will allow the area to still “breathe.”

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