Pinterest Home Improvement Boards You Should Be Following

    doorsIn 2011, Time magazine listed Pinterest as one of the top 50 websites in the world. By 2012, it was getting more hits than Google+ and LinkedIn. People instantly flocked to the pinboard-style, photo-sharing website.

    Asides from weddings, one of the top themes on the website is home decor. We’ve compiled a list of a few boards and pinners you should be following. They’ll help you get your home into magazine-spread shape.

    Benjamin Moore – Doors

    That’s right — doors. Different door paints, designs, windows. Looking for a quick, inexpensive way to spruce up your exterior? You’re going to have to check this board out.

    Censational Girl

    She is always posting inexpensive DIY projects, interior design and home improvement projects. Keep money in your pocket and get your inner Martha Stewart on when you check out her boards.


    Laundry and storage rooms. Lighting fixtures. Landscape ideas. Oh, my! Turn your house into a gorgeous home, and get there quicker by following this pinner.

    lampAndrea Victoria

    While she runs the gambit on topics – from decorating your kitchen table to children’s sleep over ideas, we especially love her board Interiors. Turn your living space into more than just four plain walls. Add polka dots. Add stripes. Add a DIY chandelier.  Make your space your own.

    Ben Stovold

    It’s not often you find an awesome Pinterest page that’s run by a man. His board House and Home is full of clean lines and modern looks – perfect for the guy looking to transform his bachelor pad into something a bit more mature.

    … and last but certainly not least …

    The Eberle Real Estate Experts

    We’ll keep you up to date with the area’s latest listings. We’ll be posting household tips, recipes and more — we sold you your home. Now we want to help you turn that square box you fell in love with into the perfect place to raise your family.

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