Reminder – Raving Fans Benefits

    Raving FansYou know we love our Raving Fans. But are you aware of all of the things we offer our past clients? Our services don’t just end once you sign the contract. Be sure to check out our Raving Fans Webpage to sign up and have all of these benefits available to you at the click of your mouse.

    cotton candy machine

    Planning a party? Let us know! We have a cotton candy machine, a popcorn maker, a hot dog cart, a bouncy house, tables, chairs and more! Based on availability, these are all available FOR FREE if you’re a Raving Fan.

    Little giant ladder model 26Planning on some home improvements? Come borrow our steam cleaner to clean up any mess you may make. Make your sidewalk, driveway or picnic table look like new when you borrow our pressure washer. Have a job that requires you to turn into Stretch Armstrong? No need when you borrow our 26 foot Little Giants ladder.

    We also offer free office services — access to a fax machine, scanner, copier machine and more.

    Simply visit our website, click on “Reservations” and fill out the form!

    And if there is anything we can do for you or a friend in the future, please don’t hesitate to call or ask! Our Raving Fans made us who we are today. Now it’s our turn to give back.


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