Skip Your Morning Bagel and Save $39,000

    We came across this graphic from Mortgage Coach and had to share. Admit it — you hit up a drive-thru breakfast at least once a week. Your usually hectic morning resulted in you forgetting your bagel at home. You needed your caffeine fix at the start of your drive, not once you got to the office. Most people waste $5 – $25 a week on a coffee and some morning grub.

    What if you made it a point to take that $5-a-day out of your coffee budget and put it towards your mortgage?

    how to save money on your morgtgage


    If you applied this philosophy to a $214,000 loan, you’d save yourself $39,000. Thirty-nine THOUSAND DOLLARS. You’d also pay your loan off almost 8 years earlier. Wow!

    If you’re read to start searching homes for sale, visit us at . From there, you can search all homes for sale in the Capital District.

    Anyone out there ready to make the swap? Get your breakfast at home and get your home paid off sooner?

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