Stage Your Home and Make Money

    You only get one chance to make a first impression. When a buyer walks into your home, they don’t want to see your strollers and back packs, Barbies and skate boards. They want a blank slate and a canvas on which they can envision their own family living.

    So, how do you give that to them without depriving your home of life? And why should you?

    list my home for sale latham, nyAccording to a recent study from, sellers who invest at least $200 into cleaning and staging their home can expect at least a 10% return on that investment. Your home will sell faster and for more money because it will be more appealing to buyers.

    Staging a home can seem overwhelming to some sellers. What do you get rid of? What do you add? We have a couple of tips.

    De-clutter and repurpose! As mentioned, buyers aren’t interested in what type of life you and your family lead. They don’t want to see your man cave or that you use your finished basement to essentially store junk and odds and ends. Take down the sports memorabilia in that spare bedroom. Clean out the junk in the basement. You know that futon that you sit on to watch the game? Bring it down to your now-empty basement. Drape some throw blankets over it. Add a night stand or end table. Your junk room has just turned into additional living space for a new family.

    Buy a bed frame and an inexpensive air mattress. Accent it with neutral colored linens. Freshen the paint in the bedroom in a similar hue. Remember — neutral doesn’t mean off-white or tan. Think earth tones. Add a vase of flowers. You’ve just transformed your man cave into someone else’s guest room.

    staging a home for saleAdjust the lighting. Ideally, every room should contain three types of lighting: ambient (overhead); task (reading light/under a cabinet lighting) and accent (table or wall). And aim for 100 wattage of light per 50 square feet of space. Great lighting makes rooms look warm and welcoming.

    Add new faces. Instead of replacing an entire dishwasher, see if you can get a new front panel. Take off all your kitchen cabinets and doors to freshen up the paint and hardware.

    stage a bathroomPolish everything up! Turn your bathroom into a scene from a spa by having tiles professionally painted. Add a decorative basket with rolled up towels and candles. Be sure to hide away the trash can and any personal toiletries.

    Wondering if something is acceptable staging?  Visit a model home to see if they do it.  For example, should you leave your high-end designer toaster out on your kitchen counter?  Nope!  You won’t find a single toaster in the kitchens of model homes.  Can you display an artsy topiary tree on your kitchen counter?  Yes.  Model homes do!

    Remember – when you list your home for sale in the Capital Region with the Eberle Real Estate Experts, we offer professional staging and photography. We want to help you turn your home in a spread right out of Good Housekeeping. Call us today at 518-786-7007 or email us at for more information and your personal consultation.

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