Updating Your Outdoor Space

    We love this poll. We all have grand visions for our perfect outside space, but how easy are those to put together? The Home Projects Council asked 1,300 homeowners that question — which outdoor updates are easiest and which ones are the most back-breaking time-consuming?

    According to these homeowners, there are several ways you can update your space without breaking your back or budget. Plant a garden. Stain a deck. Arrange decorative pebbles or stones into your current landscaping.

    Building a fence or a firepit ranks in the middle. It’s harder than pulling some weeds, but it’s not as hard as building a deck.

    If you’re one of the Eberle Real Estate Experts Raving Fans, you can complete some of these tasks by borrowing a number of our home improvement tools. Raving Fans have FREE access to these.

    How have you updated your outdoor space? What outdoor DIY projects have you attempted?


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