Upgrade to stainless steel appliances

    stainless steel updateUpdating a kitchen is one sure-fire way to add value to your home. Stainless steel appliances are sleek and modern. They are also costly. Here’s a trick — get the stainless look without actually using stainless steel.


    Stove/Range: You can purchase a stainless steel range for around $650, which is pretty affordable considering that several models run well into the thousands. To save money and add contrast to the kitchen, choose a range that is a mix of stainless and black. The two go well together and you won’t break your bank.

    Refrigerator: Total stainless steel refrigerators clock in at around $1500 – $2500. However, you can purchase a model that has only a stainless front and black sides for approximately $1000. A mistake people make is buying a fridge that is too big for their space. A 18 cubic sized appliance should work fine.

    Dishwasher: Although they sell dishwashers that are part black, part stainless, this may be an appliance that you won’t want to skimp out on. Stainless holds its heat better than plastic, which leaves your dishes dryer and without spots. This appliance also looks sleeker in a monotone color. You can find an all stainless dishwasher for $500 – $700.

    Microwave: When converting appliances to stainless steel, lots of home owners forget about their trust popcorn maker! Don’t leave your microwave behind during the transition. You don’t want a white microwave sitting on the counter next to your new fridge or, worse, over the range of your new black and steel stove.

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