Why You Should View a Home More Than Once

    tips for buying a home

    Most people don’t buy a pair of pants without trying them on. You certainly wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive. A home is the largest purchase you’ll ever make. You need to view it more than once or twice — try it out more than once or twice — to really get a feel for the property.

    Make sure that you view it at different times of the day. Wall-to-wall windows may seem lovely midday. What’s it like first thing in the morning or at sunset? Will you have to outfit them with outlandishly expensive window treatments in order to have privacy in the evening?

    Drive there from your work during rush hour. What’s the commute like? Is your potential new street quiet at this time, or a pass through for other drivers? If you’re only previewing the home on your lunch hour, you won’t have a realistic idea of what heavy traffic flow is like.

    Is there a school nearby? A shopping center? Those may seem like perks, but during peak hours, what is the noise level like? Take some time to talk to neighbors and check it out for yourself to get the real scoop.

    If possible, go after a rain or snow storm. Check out the basement. Any moisture? What about the windows? The home may seem perfect on a lovely spring day, but what’s it like when Mother Nature gives it a good beating?

    Viewing a home multiple times will allow you to take a second look at items that you aren’t crazy about. Can you really live with that pink carpet? It’ll also give you a chance to experience things you may have missed — do deer make their way through the backyard during the evening?

    Sellers should expect and accommodate buyers who asking for more than one showing. They’ve been through the process before and now that a satisfied buyer is a serious buyer.


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