Why Home Sellers Have A Unique Advantage with Eberle Real Estate Experts

    Did you know that selling your house can be one of the top stresses people face? It doesn’t have to be. Meet Bob Eberle, Licensed Principal Broker and founder of Eberle Real Estate Experts. Be prepared to see marketing strategies from Bob and his team of knowledgeable licensed real estate agents that will give you and your property an advantage in the marketplace! A very BIG advantage!

    What advantage? A Durable Competitive Advantage (read about it here: I WANT AN ADVANTAGE!) You see, Bob has always said that a real estate agent who lists a house for a home seller has two primary jobs. One is to market that house like it’s never been marketed before! His team are not only real estate experts, but they are marketing experts! That’s why they can offer so many unique selling strategies and opportunities. The second job of a listing agent is to tell the truth about the market, the neighborhood, what houses like yours are selling for and what price you should set. Many agents will try to please a home seller to get the listing. Tell-The-Truth-Real-Estate gets properties sold faster because they are priced right!

    What about Bob’s Certified Pre-Owned Program every home seller can opt for! This program gives your home an edge above every other home on the market because you are saving your buyer time and money. Your home comes with a full home inspection! The buyer knows that any problem items will be corrected prior to closing. Your home will be staged and photographed! Contact Bob if you would like information on this (or any) program here: CONTACT EBERLE REAL ESTATE EXPERTS

    Bob Eberle has completed over 1,300 transactions. He has been in the real estate business for over 26 years having started with Getty Petroleum in 1986. His career includes having founded and serving as President of the New York State Real Estate Investors Association, appearing on YNN News Channel 9, HGTV, A & E, and others. Bob was a finalist for the starring role on “Flip this House” in 2006 and has been featured in newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and the internet all around the country. Bob can be reached by Phone at 518-786-7007. You can also Email Bob at:info@TeamEberle.com

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